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About KND Pet Care

I've always loved animals since I was little girl. Everyone in my family had animals when I was growing up and we always had a cat or dog around the house. I started pet sitting at 16 as an alternative to babysitting. I started with a Great Dane named Thor that my cousin adopted. In the 14 years since then I've cared for a variety of animals in lots of shapes and sizes. From lizards and rabbits to donkeys and horses. I've watched them go from puppies and kittens to elderly adults. I have experience with shy rescues and over excited puppies that don't know not to use their teeth. I've given lots of medications including insulin injections to cats and dog. The animals I care for are my temporary pets. I treat them as if they were my own. KND Pet Care exists to provide the best possible care when you can't be there yourself. 

Registered LLC


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